Where to shop: Takeya; a bargain hunters paradise

Takeya department store, a bargain hunters paradise!

Takeya department store, a bargain hunters paradise!

Takeya in the Okachimachi district of Tokyo is about VFM (value for money) from the moment you enter to the moment you leave. Floor upon floor of rock-bottom prices on as wide a range of goods as you are likely to find in any other single store in the capital pack shelves throughout this bright purple, no-frills building.

From make-up to basic foodstuffs (that actally make great souvenirs) such as Japanese biscuits and pickles, to self heating patches popular with the elderly in winter (peel off a sticky patch and apply the roughly 30cm square patch to the lower back or spot you have suffering from the chills of winter), Takeya’s first floor is a supermarket meets pharmacy blend that serves as an unequalled insight into downtown living in this corner of the capital.

Higher up, electronics, cosmetics, souvenirs and a huge range of household items dominate. Many are ahead of the game when compared to similar pieces seen overseas, but do confirm electrical appliances will work back home before making a purchase: advice that should be followed wherever you shop

Staff conversant in various tongues are always on hand as are leaflets in several prominent Asian and European languages – the Chinese leaflet perhaps the most popular of those placed at various locations around the store.

Whenever you opt to drop by though, do so with a warning if a tourist; you are unlikely to leave empty handed – such is the range and temptations on offer.

Admittedly, Takeya may not be on a par with outlets in Ginza and Shinjuku in as far as location, appearance and even image goes. Takeya trumps many, however in terms of service and price – and who ever complained about getting a good deal?


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2 thoughts on “Where to shop: Takeya; a bargain hunters paradise

  1. Hello, enjoyed your post. On a side note, we will be in Tokyo for about 2 days this June. It will be our 2nd time going there, any suggestions which places we should prioritize? We have only been to Tokyo Disney Sea. Cheers!

    • Hi there Jean,

      Thank you for your comment. Actually I am a tourguide in Tokyo so I would recommend you hire me to guide you through town. If you look under the tab ‘prices’ ‎ you will find an overview of the tours I provide. Should you wish any further information or in case you want to make a booking, you can contact me at nicki@tokiotours.com
      I hope to hear from you soon!

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