Fright night: How I Survived my ordeal with a Japanese intruder

As I wrote earlier here and here my cousin Sjakoera is currently staying over while she is preparing for her 88 temple pelgrimage.

One night not so long ago, I was startled by a blood curdling scream resonating througout the house. I quickly got up to see what was wrong. My husband was not at home at the time, so armed with a kitchen knife I went towards the sound, inwardly scared, but determined to find out the cause of suck racket.

My cousin looked at me pale faced and said:”There! Over there! I saw him a minute ago but he is hiding now.” More bravely then I felt I searched the room, still clutching my kitchen knife, hoping I wouldn’t have to use it, when finally I saw the reason for her distress. It turned out there was an intruder in the house. He was dark skinned and looked scary. When he noticed me he turned around and ran away. I chased after him, but he was much faster than me so it was hard to keep up. I wondered how the hell he’d gotten into the apartment since I live in a highrise. Then suddenly he appeared again. He looked at me menacingly and we were at a stale mate. I figured the knife I was still holding was not going to help in this situation so I went back to the kitchen to look for something more suitable, leaving my cousin Sjakoera to mind our intruder and keep track of him.

In the kitchen I found what I was looking for and rushed back to see what was happening with Sjakoera. She had crawled up in a little ball and pointed me towards the intruder. I swallowed hard, and slowly took a few steps towards him, hoping he wouldn’t notice me. Then when I was close enough, I placed the container I had grabbed from the kitchen on top of him and scooped him up. My intruder was finally captured! In the Netherlands I had never before experienced this kind of intruder, It was a cockroach, but a huge one! Aparently in Japan, the male version has the ability to fly and they can also crawl up the sewer (or so I was told) so if you leave any windows open, they surprise you with a visit and sometimes even bring their friends!

Fortunately I was able to capture this unwelcome guest and send him on his way. Hopefully he will tell all his friends how unhospitable our house is and I will have seen the last of him. Just for good measure I bought some poison just to make sure that any other house guest will be dealt with swiftly and efficiently! Fortunately the shops here in Tokyo have a whole range of products just designed for this type of intruder so next time I will be prepared!

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