Things to do: Rent a free Yukata at the Marunouchi bon odori festival on July 26th 2013

Marunouchi Ondo (丸の内音頭) is the biggest summer festival in Tokyo where you can enjoy Bon Odori Dance (盆踊り). It held in Hibiya park, which is located in the center of Tokyo. This fun dance festival started in 2003 and is still very popular. See and join Japanese Bon Odori Dance. They have all kinds of Bon Odori songs that are popular in Tokyo. If you are tired of dancing and feel a bit peckish, there are many food stands so besides enjoying the dance festivities, you can also grab a bite of real Japanese street food.

More Info
The festival is held this Friday July 26th. About 20,000 people join in each year, so be there early.

0. at Tokyo Station
1. use Marunouchi Line to Kasumigaseki (4 min.)
2. walk east (2 min.)

Experience  a true Japanese Summer festival and join Bon Odori Dance at Marunouchi Ondo in Hibhiya park. Hibiya Parki is located in the center of Tokyo. Only this time it will colored by many people with Yukata (浴衣).

They have “Tokyo Ondo (東京音頭)” “Ginzakankan musume (銀座カンカン娘)” “Tankobushi(炭坑節)” and other famous Bon Odori songs. This festival is all about Bon Odori Dance. Not only people with Yukata close join the dance, but also people with suits who just get off from work join the dance.

Even if you don’t know have to dance, You can just join the dancing circle and watch the people in the center, and try to copy their movement. Bon Odori Dance is not so complicated. Maybe within 10 minutes, you will able to dance.

Uchimizu event in Marunouchi (7)


The event will kick off with uchimizu, that peculiar Japanese summer tradition of sprinkling water on the hot pavement in order to settle dust and bring down those scorching temperatures. A free yukata rental will be offered to the first 50 guests, between 17:00-20:00. And if you own your own yukata but struggle to put it on, just bring it along and volunteers will help you tie it up.


Naka-dori avenue, in front of Marunouchi Building


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