Things to eat: Brace yourselves for some scary snacks – Monsters University nikuman are on their way to a combini near you!

Monsters University nikuman4

It’s a good few months before Halloween rears its monstrous head, but if you’re already getting a hankering for some terrifying snacks, then get ye to a combini. To celebrate the release of Disney Pixar’s Monsters University – and its roaring success at the box office – Family Mart will be flogging movie-inspired nikuman(that’s steamed, meat-filled buns for those who are uninitiated into the wonderful world of convenience store dining) dyed and decorated to look like the movie monsters. It’s not Family Mart’s first time dabbling in the world of monster-themed meat snacks either – in 2011 Slime from the video game Dragon Quest was converted into snack form for fans to chow down on.


There are two buns to choose from, going on sale on August 12, representing lead characters Mike and Sully.

Sully steamed bun

The production quality in the movie might be super slick, but the buns have the look of a lower-budget affair – an early peek shows Sully as an adorably misshapen lump of blue dough, while the giant eye on luminous green Mike seems to be missing its pupil, but then they do have an undeniable charm that will no doubt appeal to fans of the movie and fans of bizarre snacks alike.


Mike steamed bun

If you’re wondering what you’ll be sinking your teeth into, there are two types of taste to choose from– the Sully option is filled with pork, bamboo shoots, mushrooms and cabbage, stewed in soy sauce, while the Mike bun has a salt-based seasoning and a filling of pork, bamboo shoots, mushrooms and onions.

Buns are limited to 500,000, to be released in around 9,600 outlets, and will set you back ¥190 apiece. Better get in line…

Monsters University opened in Tokyo cinemas on July 6.

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