Feeling lonely? How about a nice chat with your microwave? It even provides cooking tips

Sharp Corp. will launch a talking microwave oven on Aug. 23, a product it says will not only utter words of encouragement, but offer cooking tips as well. The microwave will offer helpful advice such as, “Add mayonnaise as a final touch to improve the taste,” it has been learned.

The electronics manufacturer used to be known for its liquid crystal display televisions. However, due to a decline in LCD TV sales, the company is experiencing serious financial difficulties, as evidenced by the closure of some of its factories.

Hoping to profit from products other than TVs, Sharp is stepping up efforts to market home appliances that can talk, using built-in artificial intelligence developed in-house. It hopes consumers will choose its unusual products from the many options available at sales outlets.

In June 2012, Sharp marketed a talking vacuum cleaner. When it is filled with dust, the vacuum complains, “I’m stuffed.”

So the microwave is the second talking product the company has released. The electronics maker has said it will expand its list of talking products to include a washing machine and an air purifier.


Here some useful Japanese vocab:

オーブンレンジ: microwave oven

料理(りょうり)のヒント: cooking tip

液晶(えきしょう)テレビ: liquid crystal display television

独自(どくじ)に開発(かいはつ)する: develop in-house

人工知能(じんこうちのう): artificial intelligence

家電(かでん): home appliance

洗濯機(せんたくき): washing machine

空気清浄機(くうきせいじょうき): air purifier

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