Hotels in Tokyo (recommended by KLM crew)

Many people have asked me if I know any hotels that I would recommend in Tokyo for a short stay. Here are some recommendations:

If you are planning on staying in Tokyo for a few nights, here are some hotels recommended by some of the people I have guided through Tokyo. Mind you, I have not stayed at any of these hotels myself so I cannot vouch for them myself.

Hotel Monterey Ginza
2 10 2 Ginza Chuo Ku
Tokyo, 104-0061


Smile Hotel Tokyo Nihonbashi
2丁目-13−5 Nihonbashikayabacho
中央区, Tokyo 103-0025


If you are a KLM crew member and you are looking for a hotel, I recommend you stay somewhere near Tokyo station as you will need to depart from there to go back to Narita and probably do not want to haul your suitcase all over Tokyo before heading back to Tokyo station. Nihonbashi or Ginza are two areas I would strongly recommend as they are easy to reach from Tokyo station.

If you don’t mind staying a bit out of the city center and you need somewhere cheap to stay, I recommend you choose one of these places.

Here is another blog posting on cheap places to stay in Japan.

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